What We Do

Web Design

70% of people start their search for a business or service provider online. Make sure your first impression becomes the only impression they need. The right content with the right design is just the first step of making sure visitors have what they need to make the right decision. A site that is easy to navigate and works across all devices is crucial to your success.

With more and more people ditching their desktops for phones and tablets, it’s absolutely critical that your site delivers on all devices. When we design a site, we start with mobile first using something called Responsive Design. A responsive design framework ensures that no matter what device a user is using, your site looks beautiful, is easy to use and delivers results.

E-Commerce Development / Integration

Ten skus or ten thousand, we’ve done it. Selling products online is more than just creating a page with an “Add To Cart” button. There are several different platforms and approaches to selling online effectively. Ignite Solutions will work with you to build not only a website that will help you effectively manage your inventory and fulfillment, but also help turn shoppers into buyers.

Coldfusion Application Optimization

Coldfusion Markup Language (CFML) is a very powerful but relatively simple language to learn and develop with. But just like any other application platform, an application will only run as well as the code powering it. Best practices are often overlooked or ignored which can cause an application to not run as fast as it should. Often, inexperienced developers or IT staff will throw more hardware at the problem only to discover that the problem still exists. Ignite Solutions has been developing applications with Coldfusion since 1995 and has been fanatical about squeezing every ounce of performance out of not only the application itself but the server it’s running on. Knowing how to manage the JVM that Coldfusion runs on or identifying bottlenecks in an application can not only save your relationship with your end users but can also positively affect your bottom line.

Content Development / Copywriting

Just as with any other form of marketing, you have a short amount of time to get their attention and keep it. Clear, response-driven copy will convert visitors into customers. Whether it’s website copy, direct marketing pieces or email campaigns, we have copywriters who can put the fine polished edge on your message.

Brand Strategy /Corporate Identity

Tired of your brand or in need of creating a new corporate identity. Ignite works with some of the best in the business who will work with you to develop your brand strategy and identity.

Email Marketing

We have extensive experience managing and integrating email marketing campaigns to market to your customers. We're good with Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Mailchimp and Streamsend just to name a few.

Server / Environment Architecture

Need your Coldfusion server or environment architectured, upgraded, deployed or migrated?  We've done it all.  We can also help to make sure your existing environment is secure, updated and optimized.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Many Ignite projects are built on top of a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS puts the power to make changes in the hands of your entire team. Why would you want to call us when you noticed a typo on the most important page on your site? We're quick but you need it fixed now. For most of our CMS builds we use Mura. It's open source, runs on any platform or OS, is easy to use and even easier to develop against. Not even custom development is a problem for it. It's one of the easiest CMS systems to use. If you can use a browser, you can maintain even the largest sites. But easy to use doesn't mean it's not powerful. It has a robust permissions system for large teams, supports multiple languages and you can even maintain multiple sites under the same install. For a demo of what it can do for you, give us a call.

Most importantly, it ranks at the very top when it comes to security. In fact, since it's first was released more than 5 years ago it's had 1 (ONE) security issue as reported by CVE (Common Vulnerabilities an Exposure), where Wordpress has 199.

Market Research

You may have a great idea for a new product or service but how do you know if the market will love it as much as you do? Maybe you already have a product in the marketplace but can’t seem to get it to catch fire. Market research will help you understand what people want, need and how they go about finding it. Knowing how you are perceived in the marketplace helps you make better business decisions.

We can help you define the problem, decide which research methodology to use, then collect the data, analyze the results and develop a plan.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You built it, but they didn’t come. One of the primary ways a user will find you is through a search engines natural, or “Organic” ranking. Search engines have complicated algorithms to determine how your site will rank against specific keywords that a user is using to perform a search. You might have the best product in the marketplace but if you’re showing up on the 10th page in Google, who’s going to notice? The higher your site appears in search results, the more traffic it’s going to receive - plain and simple.

We’ll examine not only simple things like page titles and descriptions but go deep into the data and see how your competitors are doing it as well. The process starts with some keyword research to see which keywords are most often associated with your market demographic. We will then proceed with an SEO audit to see how your site and your competitors are performing with those keywords. Sometimes some very simple content optimizations are all that is needs to move your rankings up through an often crowded field of competitors.

Once the changes are made, daily monitoring is done to measure the results of those changes and perform tweaks as needed to maintain or improve your ranking.

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